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The Zenmuse XT: See the Unseen with FLIR

January 10, 2017

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The Zenmuse XT is the ultimate tool for professional and reliable aerial thermal imaging. By combining DJI’s unrivaled expertise in gimbal technology and data transmission, along with the industry-leading thermal imaging advancements by FLIR, air-to-ground infrared has never been easier. With the image enhancement software suite built into the XT and real-time control, you can capture, thermal tune, and store the infrared data with unrivaled accuracy and control. The Zenmuse XT integrates easily with DJI enterprise level platforms. When paired with Inspire 1, Matrice 100 or the Matrice 600, the Zenmuse XT can take flight quickly and transmit full HD video from up to 3.1 miles

Features of the Zenmuse XT

Advanced Radiometry Camera

XT_Roof_Scan.jpgWith the advanced radiometry cam you can: get pinpoint temperature readouts, calculate the minimum, maximum and average temperature over an area, save photos featuring a temperature reading of every pixel, and set temperature alert thresholds.


Download the user manual here. 



The DJI Go Application runs on both Android and iOS and offers a real-time full HD view of your camera as well as control over most aspects such as digital zoom, temperature readouts, and various imaging parameters. With DJI Go, taking off is as simple as swiping your screen. There's no need to wait until your drone is on the ground to review footage or check a temperature. 

Image Enhancement Software 

The Zenmuse XT comes with a built-in image enhancement software suite, which includes:

  1. Digital Detail Enhancement - Sharpen details and remove blur. 
  2. Smart Scene Optimization - Enhance the extremes in bi-modal scenes.
  3. Active Contrast Enhancement - Set the contrast based on temperature differences.
  4. Information Based HEQ - Intelligently compress image data to create a high-quality image.

These enhancements provide you with everything you need to capture information from your thermal imaging camera.



Practical Applications of the Zenmuse XT

The camera on the Zenmuse XT was developed by FLIR, providing high-intensity infrared scanning. It has practical applications in several fields including:

Law Enforcement

Squad_Car_Trunk_XT.jpgThermal imaging cameras are being adopted by law enforcement agencies all over the country to look for escaped fugitives and plan tactical operations. Going in with the maximum amount of information is critical in keeping officers safe. UAS equipped with thermal imaging cameras allow you to get a read on dangerous situations before officers go in on foot.

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Firefighters can use thermal imaging cameras to combat large forest fires and fires in buildings or complexes that are too large for ground surveillance to be effective. The conditions in which a firefighter works (smoky, dangerous heat and gas, low visibility) make thermal imaging an invaluable tool for fire departments to have. 

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Search & Rescue

Search and rescue operations often take place over a large area and in terrain that can be dangerous and difficult to navigate. UAS technology equipped with thermal imaging cameras allow rescuers to quickly and safely cover ground while spotting things that would normally blend into the background. Read more about how drones equipped with thermal imaging technology are aiding search and rescue operations here.

Utilities Inspections

Utilities inspectors can use thermal imaging cameras such as the Zenmuse XT to inspect power lines and substations for potential electrical failures. Using a drone equipped with infrared allows for the safe checking of components that may be giving off abnormal heat, which is often an indicator of impending failure. UAS equipped with thermal cameras have also been used to check plumbing systems for leaks. (Infrared Training Center)

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Commercial Roofing

In the commercial roofing industry, the Zenmuse XT infrared camera paired with an aerial system provides powerful insights that would otherwise go unnoticed. This allows roof inspectors to see the unseen and pin point anomalies beneath the roofing substrate. Using thermal imaging, roof inspectors can locate moisture beneath the surface and find leaks before they become a massive problem. 

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Precision Agriculture

Farmers worldwide are beginning to use UAS technology equipped with thermal imaging cameras to count their crops and keep an eye on overall crop health. The ease and speed offered by UAS and thermal imaging technology give farmers the ability to identify and react to threats well before disaster strikes. In Israel, experiments were conducted showing that thermal imaging can help optimize irrigation practices. (IsraelAgri)

The UAS THERMALS™ professional team offers thermal imaging technology tailored to search and rescue, public safety, mapping and inspections applications. Our thermal packages, including the DJI Zenmuse XT, are ready to deploy and make use of the latest in high-resolution thermal imaging technology.

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