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DJI XT Pro App Overview

August 9, 2017

DJI has recently released their new app, the DJI XT Pro. The goal of the app is to make using the Zenmuse XT thermal camera a more simple, user-friendly experience. In this blog post, we'll give an overview of the app's features, compatibility, availability, and use cases.


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  • Real-time imaging
  • On-screen temperature estimates
  • 12 different color palettes for thermal data visualization
  • Adjustable isotherm controls



Mobile Device Compatibility

The DJI XT Pro app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 9.3 or later.

Drone Compatibility

The DJI XT Pro app is compatible will all Matrice series drones which includes the M100, M200 Series, and the M600. The app will also work with the Inspire 1. 



The app is available for free in the iTunes Apple App Store. It can be found online using the link below or by searching for "DJI XT Pro" in the app store. 

At this time, the DJI XT Pro is not available for Android users. 


Use Cases 

 The XT Pro app makes using the Zenmuse XT easier for a variety of industries including public safety, construction, and more.

Public Safety

When time is of the essence, the XT Pro app allows search and rescue teams to quickly spot a missing person. Firefighters can use the XT Pro app to efficiently locate the source of a fire.


Commercial roofing inspectors can use the XT Pro app to examine large roofs and locate leak sources more precisely. A variety of color palettes allow electrical inspectors to quickly identify overheating power lines. 


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